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Tax-Advantaged Contributions

Several methods are available for making tax-advantaged contributions.

  1. Set up a donor-advised fund at a brokerage firm (Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Thrivent, etc.) or through your financial advisor. When you transfer securities into the donor-advised fund, you are generally eligible for an immediate tax deduction. You instruct the firm when you want to donate to the nonprofits you are supporting.

  2. Transfer appreciated stock or mutual funds to the church’s brokerage account. The church then sells the stock or fund shares, and you get credit for the full amount without having to pay tax on the gain.

  3. For those over age 70-1/2, transfer IRA or 401(k) required minimum distributions directly to the church. When you transfer these distributions directly to the church, you don’t pay tax on the withdrawal. It’s important to note that, because you don’t pay tax on the withdrawal, you can’t claim a charitable deduction for the contribution.

To complete the forms for these contributions, you may need the following information.

  • WBLUMC's tax ID number is 41-0873107.
  • The Trustee/Executor is Patricia Kytola, Director of Operations.

Questions? Please email Patricia Kytola


Updated 4 February 2020.