What We Believe

We believe in teaching our children, youth, and adults to be critical thinkers and adventuresome followers who can ask big questions in church and get honest answers. We believe that Jesus is our primary pathway to God, and we respect other pathways to God. We believe in taking the Bible seriously but not literally. We believe God lives and moves among each one of us. We believe the kingdom of God is a present reality, not just a future one, and that we each have a role in contributing to its presence. 

About God

We believe in the one true, holy, and living God, Eternal Spirit, who is Creator, Sovereign, and Preserver of all things visible and invisible. God is infinite in power, wisdom, justice, goodness, and love, and rules with gracious regard for the well-being and salvation of humans, to the glory of God’s name.

About the Bible

We take the Bible seriously but not literally, acknowledging the variety of genres and contexts through which the Bible came to us. 

About the Sacraments

We believe the Sacraments, ordained by Christ, are symbols and pledges of the Christian's profession and of God's love toward us. They are means of grace by which God works invisibly in us, quickening, strengthening, and confirming our faith in him. Two Sacraments are ordained by Christ our Lord, namely Baptism and the Lord's Supper. 

We believe Baptism signifies entrance into the household of faith, representation of the new birth in Christ Jesus, and is a mark of Christian discipleship. People can be baptized at any age, and we recognize your baptism in another faith tradition. 

We believe the Lord's Supper (Communion, Eucharist) is a representation of our redemption, a memorial of the sufferings and death of Christ, and a sign of the love and union which Christians have with Christ and with one another. Those who rightly, worthily and in faith eat the broken bread and drink the blessed cup partake of the body and blood of Christ in a spiritual manner until he comes. The communion table is open to all, and children are welcome.  

About LGBTQ Inclusion

People of all sexual orientations and genders are welcome to participate fully in the life of the church, including leadership roles and marriage. 

About Racial Justice

We are embarking on a journey towards self-reflection, education, and working against racism. We believe that all people are created in the image of God, and we are committed to the wholeness and healing of all. 

About Giving

We invite you to prayerfully consider the ways you can financially support our ministries. Pledging or tithing is not required for participation or membership.