Bread Oven

The Community Bread Oven

The Community Bread Oven is a unique pathway for building connections within the church and community. Used for various events like Baking with a Purpose, pizza nights, baking classes, and partnerships with schools and organizations, the Bread Oven helps fulfill our mission to nourish the hungers of life.

History of the Bread Oven

Baking With a Purpose

Experience the joy of baking for a cause with our "Baking with a Purpose" events! Periodically, we gather together a group of enthusiastic volunteers who spend a Saturday baking delicious artisan bread. On Sunday morning at 10am, these freshly baked loaves can be purchased in the Fellowship Hall in exchange for donations. All the proceeds go directly to our community partners, allowing us to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. So, if you're eager to combine your love for baking with helping others, mark your calendar and join us for our next "Baking with a Purpose" session. Together, we can make a positive impact, one loaf of bread at a time!  

March 9, April 6th and May 4th.

Baking for Hurricane Relief

Honey White Bread Recipe

Baking Bread in the Community Bread Oven

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