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Faith-based classes: Yogadevotion classes begin in the breath, centering ourselves in the Presence of God and setting aside all that distracts us from the relationship God intents for us. Our devotional time is at the beginning of the class, opening with scripture that speaks to a practice of faith, during the breath work. Reflections on the scripture are written by Pastor Cindy Senarighi, ordained pastor in the ELCA. The body of the class is a combination of standing poses, balance poses and floor poses.  The classes close with restorative yoga, a practice of calm alertness that allows a time of reflection and thanksgiving for God’s Presence in our lives. The faith based language you will hear in class is familiar, the benediction, invocation and prayer that closes the class. This class is for all levels as Yogadevotion LLC teaches that the primary teacher is your own body and that voice is the important one. Modifications are offered for all poses. 

Summer session is $72 for 6 weeks. Teachers come from Yogadevotion; to learn more go to

Upcoming sessions:
June 25-July 30 (6 weeks)

We will take August off, fall Session will begin in September.

Event Coordinator Carolyn Sayles

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